Step One: One-Hour Consulting

We meet you for a one-hour consulting to discuss your requirements and type of service you are looking for. We provide you all information about the development process of your website and give you a time and cost estimate.


Step Two: Information Gathering

We will work with you in order to create the perfect web solution for your needs. We will analyze your business/corporation/individual goals and learn more about your business. We will also research your targeted audience, competitors, industry and gather essential information about your business/corporation.


Step Three: Prototype

In this stage we will design a prototype and ask you to review it. According to your desires, needs and/or requirements we will then tweak the prototype until we find a suitable solution. When you choose the final style of your website then we are moving on a next stage.


Step Four: Development Process

Website Development is started only when you are completely positive and sure about the website design. You deliver us the content (Text, Photos, etc.). This stage involves coding, application development and implementation of content onto your website.


Last Step: Publishing, Going Online

We send you the final version for the last review. After your OK, we publish and launch your website. We can also setup domain and hosting if requested. Once the site is online  then, we can focus on search engine and marketing services if needed.